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Indian Summer aims to breed dogs that are trusted companions as well  as outstanding hunters.


We are a family breeder with a simple goal: breed pups that will make outstanding hunting companions and enjoyable family pets. In short, we aim to breed puppies that accentuate the best qualities of our dog, Featherfoot’s Artzie Indie-Anna. We seek pups that conform to the highest standards of one of the most versatile and successful hunting breeds in North America, the Pudelpointer:

  * We prefer smaller pudelpointers with outstanding prey drive and an intense desire to please.

  * Dogs with dense, course coats who are able to endure tough hunting conditions.

  * Dogs that possess superior noses and outstanding natural retrieving ability.

  * Dogs that are equally comfortable on land and in water. 

To accomplish this goal we set out to breed Indie (NA 108, PZ II) to a male with significant performance similarities and significant genetic outcross. We found that male in Iowa. His name is Blackhawk’s Augustus McCray (NA 106, PZ I; UT 198, PZ II) son of Versatile Champion Cedarwood’s Orphan Annie. While the breeding contains significant outcross (i.e., genetic difference), the puppies share a common great-grandpa, Cedarwood’s First Offense--the most successful pudelpointer sire in North America. This is a repeat of a successful first breeding. Pups will be available early February 2013.

Contact Information:

Tom Vontz

785-456-3851 (Cell)

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